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Florence Fairgrounds

The Florence Fairgrounds is eleven acres in area and is located on the south side of Mill Street in the Hamlet of Florence. 

The Fairgrounds is a property of unlimited potential for the Township of Dawn-Euphemia.  It is home to the annual Grand Ole Power Days, and has housed many recreational and social activities and special events over the years.  With the completion of the Dawn-Euphemia Community Centre in 2012, the Fairgrounds has become an even more important community asset.

The current park infrastructure is comprised of a storage facility, two ball diamonds, an outdoor rink, portable washrooms, a picnic shelter, a soccer pitch, a tractor pull track, and a parking lot. 

Council has recently adopted a Master Plan for the Fairgrounds.  The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a document that will help guide the Township in the re-development and revitalization of the Fairgrounds.