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Shetland Conservation Area

The Shetland Conservation Area is a tract of land located east of the Hamlet of Shetland on the north side of Bentpath Line in the former Euphemia Township. It comprises a fourteen acre park that is bisected by the Sydenham River. It is popular with campers who admire and appreciate the scenery and the quietness of the region.

It was purchased in 1936 by a non-profit corporation, known as the Shetland Picnic Corporation. In 1963 the property was donated to the Sydenham Valley Conservation Authority on the condition that the lands would be maintained in perpetuity as a conservation area for the benefit of both the community and the area as a whole. The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority subsequently assumed ownership and by 1991, shared responsibility for the maintenance of the conservation area with the former Township of Euphemia. Today, the Township of Dawn-Euphemia and the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority continue to share the development and maintenance responsibilities.

The existing relationship with the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority ensures that the Shetland Conservation Area will always be a recognized conservation area under the umbrella of the Conservation Authority. This guarantees that the Shetland Conservation Area will have a high level of authenticity and legitimacies as an official conservation area. The Shetland Conservation Area is also known as an established camping area supporting 16 serviced and 15 unserviced campsites, with a high level of solitude which is appreciated by all occasional and seasonal campers. Finally, since the Shetland Conservation Area is within both the Sydenham River ecosystem and the Carolinian ecological zone it offers all visitors an opportunity to learn about the rare and unique species that live throughout the area.

Council recently adopted a Master Plan for the Shetland Conservation Area. The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a document that will help guide the Township of Dawn-Euphemia and the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority in the management, enhancement and development of the Shetland Conservation Area.

To make reservations for the campground or pavilion contact the municipal office. View the Shetland Conservation Area Fee Schedule.

Susan Symington, Office Assistant