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Facilities & Businesses
Dawn-Euphemia Community Centre
Dawn-Euphemia Public School
Florence & Shetland Libraries
Florence Fairgrounds
Shetland Conservation Area

 Municipal Office
 4591 Lambton Line,
 RR 4 Dresden, Ont.
 N0P 1M0
 Fax: 519-692-5511

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St. John’s-In-The-Woods
7134 Aughrim Line

Dawn Valley Bible Methodist
961 Dawn Valley Road

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
6219 Fansher Road, Florence

Knox-Dawn Presbyterian Church
1864 Dawn Valley Road

Faith Trinity United Church
(Formerly Oakdale, Shetland & Edys Mills)
1293 Shetland Road

Dresden Gathering of Christians
455 Irish School Road

Cairo United Church
7563 Haggerty Road, Cairo

New Hope Christian Fellowship
4640 Lambton Line