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By-Laws / Guidelines

Following are links to commonly referred to By-Laws and Guidelines

These by-laws are amended from time to time as circumstances change. The short descriptions following are for general information only. As by-laws are updated, a new version, with amendments inserted, is published on this site. For a complete understanding of the Township’s by-laws or information about the many by-laws not referenced here it is always best to speak directly with Staff.

(The numbers following the by-laws reflect the original by-law number and do not reference any amending by-law numbers)

Copies of all by-laws are available to the public through the Township Clerk's Office. If you have any questions regarding these or any other Township by-laws, please contact the Municipal Office.

Memorial Tree By-Law

The Memorial Tree Planting Policy allows residents to honor their loved ones by planting a tree at the Community Centre, Rutherford Park or Shetland Park.

Animal Control By-Law 46 of 2013

ANIMAL CONTROL - Licensing of dogs, prohibits running at large, muzzling and leashing in some circumstances, owner's requirement to remove excrement, and further to regulate the keeping of dogs within the Township of Dawn-Euphemia.

Tidy Yard By-Law 2019-21

TIDY YARD BY-LAW - Provides property standards by regulating for the maintenance, clearing and cleaning of land.

Fees for Service By-Law 2020-42 

FEES - Sets out the Fee Schedule for all services for which a fee is charged.

Open Air Burning By-Law 2020-02

BURNING – OPEN AIR - Sets out requirements regarding fires in the open in the Township of Dawn-Euphemia.

Property Standards By-Law 7 of 1999

PROPERTY STANDARDS - Prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property providing definitions as well as general requirements.

Parking By-Law 2016-34

PARKING BY-LAW – Regulates the parking of vehicles on roads within the Township.  The set fine schedule is included.

Sidewalk By-Law 2019-55

SIDEWALK BY-LAW - Outlines the information related to the Seasonal Closure of Sidewalks.