The council recognizes the valued contributions being provided through the volunteer efforts of community organizations and agencies on behalf of our citizens.  Municipal grant funding demonstrates Council’s commitment to working with groups that provide these beneficial programs, events, services or projects to the community, while at the same time recognizing the financial constraints impacting the Township’s ability to provide funding to these groups.

Each year, as part of the annual budget process, Council will determine the amount of funding to be provided for all municipal grants including Community/Special Events grants and In-Kind Contribution grants.

Community/Special Events Grants
  • Grants to organizations who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the municipal grants policy.
  • Grants for one-time or first-time events that are of cultural, social, health or recreational significance to the community.
  • Grants for recurring events that Council has determined provide some benefit to the broader community and are open to all members of the public.
In-Kind Financial Assistance
  • Provision of municipal resources and materials and use of space at municipally owned facilities by non-profit and charitable organizations such as rental fee discounts, staff support and equipment supply.

All grant applications should be directed to the Treasurer. Applications received on or before November 1st of each year, will be incorporated into the next year’s draft annual operating budget for consideration by Council.

Please click on the links below for further information regarding the Municipal Grant Program:

Municipal Grants Policy

Municipal Grant Application