Notice is hereby given to the Electors of Dawn-Euphemia Township that the Municipal Council Members have been Acclaimed for the Council Term commencing November 15, 2022 to November 14, 2026.  As such, there will be NO Municipal Election for Council for Dawn-Euphemia Township. However, the Township is still obligated to conduct the School Board Election for (1) English-Public School Board Trustee and (1) French Separate School Board Trustee. Only electors that are English-Public or French-Separate School Board Supporters will receive a Vote-By-Mail kit. With Vote-By-Mail, voters can fill out their ballots in the privacy and convenience of their own home.  Casting a vote is as easy as mailing a letter!

However, you need to verify that you are on the Voter’s List to ensure you receive your school board ballot. That can be done by clicking on the “Voter Look Up” tab below, or by contacting the Municipal Office at 519-692-5148. Once you have confirmed that you are on the Voter’s List, you should receive a Voter Kit in the mail by no later than October 10th containing all of the materials required to vote by mail.  The voter simply follows the instructions in their kit, deposits their ballot in the mail using the postage paid envelope, and the ballots will be delivered to the Municipal Office for counting on Election Day. If you choose not to mail your vote, you can still drop-off your ballot at the Municipal Office in Rutherford during regular business hours or in the after-hours drop box.

Election 2022 Information

The following candidates for Municipal Council have been acclaimed. The term of Council commences November 15, 2022 and ends November 14, 2026.

Acclaimed Candidate Office
Alan BROAD Mayor
Ann GRAY Councillor
Paul LEBOEUF Councillor
Mark MCGUIRE Councillor
Jason MEYER Councillor

Candidates Package 2022

English Public, Lambton-Kent District School Board, North Kent, Wallaceburg and South Lambton – Chatham-Kent – School Board Trustee – one (1) to be elected:

  1. ALDOUS, Trevor
  2. BARNES, Janet

French Public Conseil Scolaire Catholiques Providence – School Board Trustee – one (1) to be elected:

  2. REAL, Meghan

Are you on the list to VOTE?

The next Ontario municipal and school board elections are October 24, 2022. If you are a resident, owner or tenant of property in Ontario, a Canadian citizen and 18 years of age or older election day, you can vote.

We all play a role in ensuring a fair electoral system, and it is the responsibility of every elector to make sure their information is up-to-date and accurately reflected for electoral purposes. By logging into, eligible electors can:

  • confirm or update their electoral information;
  • add an elector name to an address; and,
  • change school support for the purpose of voting in a school board election.

Click the image below to see if you’re on the list!