Water Distribution

The water distribution system is under the jurisdiction of the Township of Dawn-Euphemia. There are several distribution lines in the rural areas of the Township and in the Hamlets of Florence and Rutherford. The Township purchases water from the Township of Enniskillen who in turn receives water from the Town of Petrolia’s water treatment plant located in Bright’s Grove on Lake Huron.

The Township’s Public Works Department provides the following services:

  • Operation, repair and maintenance of the distribution system, including emergency repairs. The property owner is responsible for the portion of the water main from the property line to the house
  • Repairs/replacement of water meters
  • Flushing of the water mains
  • Reading the water meters
Boil Water Advisories

Should a boil water advisory be issued by Lambton Public Health, residents are encouraged to click on the precaution guidelines for water that may be consumed.


The Dawn-Euphemia Water Distribution System is committed to comply with all water legislative requirements and regulations to supply clean safe drinking water to meet the consumer’s requirements.

Water Billings

The Township of Dawn-Euphemia is responsible for reading water meters and issuing bills for water consumption. The billings are processed on a bi-monthly basis and are due the last business day of February, April, June, August, October and December. Water bills can be paid at the municipal office by cheque, cash or debit, by telephone or internet banking, payment at your financial institution, pre-authorized payment, or by mailing a cheque to the municipal office.

Water Rates

Our water rates are a $50.00 surcharge bi-monthly, plus $3.92/m³ for water.

Water Reports

The municipality is required to prepare a Summary Water Report and an Annual Report each year.  View the Township’s Summary Report (2023) and Annual report (2023).