The Public Works Department is responsible to provide some of the basic services that affect the daily lives of those who live and work in Dawn-Euphemia, services that are absolutely critical for the overall functionality of the Township. The department is responsible for many of the things we take for granted on a daily basis such as clean water, safe roads, effective drainage and all the infrastructure associated with each service. The Public Works Department is made up of a small group of staff dedicated to providing quality service within the Township including maintenance of all municipal roads, ditches, and street lights, from maintaining parks and infrastructure to plowing roads and maintaining facilities the community can enjoy.

The Roads Division primarily takes care of road maintenance (loose-top and hard-top), sidewalk repairs, signage, culvert maintenance, limited equipment maintenance and winter control. The Township is responsible for maintaining approximately 40 kilometres of paved roads and 408 kilometres of gravel roads.

The Water Division is responsible for maintaining the Township’s water distribution system including repairs to water lines, valves, services to property and hydrants. The division also flushes the system and undertakes valve exercising and water quality testing. The water distribution system has been extended over the past 20+ years and now comprises a system over 135 kilometres in length.

The Drainage Division is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and improvement of all municipal drains within the Township limits.


Paul Dalton, Public Works Superintendent

During regular business hours: 519-692-5018
Emergency Contact Number after normal working hours: 519-401-4808